An Invitation to be the change that you want to see in the world

Computer Shiksha is an idea whose time has come. Growing from 60 children to 1000 in 15 months sounds like a dream. There are many more schools who are inviting us to partner with them.

However ee know that a social initiative like this can be made sustainable only if there is community involvement in the programme. A strong community involvement will build trust and understanding, bring in funds, generate volunteers, help create an inclusive society, measure progress more effectively and bring in depth of skills in the management of the movement

It is therefore our endeavour to expand this community of friends to take Computer Shiksha to every part of the country. We call this endeavour “Friends of Computer Shiksha”


Computer Shiksha owes its success to these individuals who have been the Friends in need and Friends Indeed! All names are mentioned in alphabetical order and are no reflection of the quantum of their contribution

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