Computer Shiksha dreams of a world where the digital divide just does not exist. In line with this dream, we are engaged with numerous schools to impart free computer literacy lessons to more than thousand children currently. But in a country as huge as ours there are millions who need this help. It is our endeavor to now capture our experience and expertise and powered by technology deliver it to millions of others free of cost.
To achieve this we have developed, easy to follow, self learning videos in Hindi. The salient features of these modules are –

a) Currently available in Hindi, soon they shall also be available in most regional languages
b) If you have a spare computer and some time free, you could play these on your computer and a willing student will learn on his own with a little help from you. So every home can become a Computer Shiksha class.
c) One can learn at his/her own pace using these videos.
d) These videos aim to cover the entire syllabus developed by us in modules.

After completing all the modules, a candidate will reach ‘expert level’ in a desktop application like MS Office. We are using Open Office which is a MS Office equivalent.

For any query/feedback, email at ,

Programs available

1. Introduction to Computers & Paint
2. Writer 1
3. Writer 2
4. Impress 1