Partner Schools

Computer Shiksha partners with schools to deliver computer lessons. All schools are in Gurgaon.

  1. Nai Kiran Universal School, Ardee City, Gurgaon, Haryana – N. Delhi
  2. Umang *
  3. Guru Learning Centre* ( A supplementary support school in the gurudwara at DLF Phase I
  4. Sankalp – I
  5. Sankalp – II
  6. Happy School
  7. Government Senior Secondary School, Chakkarpur Village, Chakkarpur,
  8. Government Senior Secondary School, Nathupur

* Lessons were discontinued dues to certain support challenges the partner schools were facing. Once the school is able to surmount the challenges Computer Shiksha shall be back.

Number of children enrolled currently

  1. Nai Kiran Universal School – 170
  2. Sankalp – I – 149
  3. Sankalp – II – 170
  4. Happy School – 179
  5. Government Senior Secondary School, Chakkarpur Village – 220
  6. Government Senior Secondary School, Nathupur village – 157

Number of lives touched

Besides the number of children currently taking lessons from Computer Shiksha there have been many more children who have taken a few lessons but were unable to complete the course. An approximate number of children who have taken lessons from Computer Shiksha should be 1300 chilren.
Besides children there have been a few enthusiastic senior citizens who have also taken lessons too

Bringing more children into the formal fold

Kids in Nai Kiran Universal School in Ardee City, Sector 52, Gurgaon are mostly children of migrant labour. The school used to struggle in convincing the parents to send their children to school. Many would prefer their children beg than study. The biggest attraction for the children and their parents used to be the free mid day meal.

We are glad Computer Shiksha has reversed the trend. Computer Shiksha started lessons in May 2012 at Nai Kiran. Admissions rose by 60% without any extra effort. The hope of getting to learn computers has driven children and their parents by hordes seeking admission. The school has had to add a classroom and teachers have to cope with making more seating space.

Enhancing employability

Computer Shiksha has now taken kids from Class XI and XII into its fold at twop partner schools – Government Government Senior Secondary School, Chakkarpur Village and Government Senior Secondary School, Nathupur. The course structure has been modified to make it accelerated so that the students are able to complete all lessons by the time they are ready to leave school. With it becoming almost mandatory to have some preliminary knowledge of using IT equipment to be eligible for applying to many jobs we are hopeful that those students who would want to take up employment after Class XII will find it easier to do so.

Indirect Impact

From the outside one would believe that the only beneficiaries of Computer Shiksha are the kids. However the organization has impacted not only the kids but many others involved in significant ways. Here are a few illustrations.

Charul Verma is a 17 year old bright and young trainer. Charul works for Computer Shiksha to fund her graduation. She is working hard both as a teacher and student. We are proud of her and feel blessed that we could make a difference in the life of an aspiring young woman.

Noor is a 20 year old boy from West Bengal. Earlier he could read and write in Bangla but struggled with Hindi and English. He used to earn a living by doing petty chores at homes. He got noticed for his sincerity and meticulous ways. Computer Shiksha hired him to set up class i.e. connect all notebooks, projector, setting up screen and all of what is needed to set up a class. He is also responsible for ensuring that the children wash their hands and line up for entering class. Noor is doing a wonderful job at it. But that is not what makes this our success story. Noor has joined Adult Education classes and is fast moving towards completing his school education. In addition to this he also learns computers by the side and now it is a familiar sight seeing him helping out the children. Computer Shiksha has now enrolled Noor in a Driving Class. Soon Noor shall get his license and drive the vehicle to the school with the entire paraphernalia.