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Why Learn Computers & Why is it free?

In today’s world being educated by no means is about knowing only English, Hindi and Mathematics. One would not be able to survive in today’s digital world, nor get benefit of Government services, if one did not know, how to use computers. In addition, there would be no job in future where some or other computer application would not be there, which will make a non-computer educated person a misfit for that job and consequently in our society. Hence knowing computers is no more a luxury but a basic necessity.

Computer Shiksha came into existence as a dream of IT and management professionals who vowed to address the challenge of Digital Divide. Digital Divide is a very serious and prevalent issue which is not being addressed by most institutions. The major pain points are expensive hardware, maintenance of this hardware, lack of trainers (if a trainer is good, then why he/she wouldn’t work in industry and earn more rather than in school/NGO), improper curriculum, lack of delivery mechanism and total disconnect between Government prescribed course and what industry may prefer.

To address these aspects, Computer Shiksha was born and after interactions with the various schools/NGOs , it became clear that unless all these pain points are addressed by Computer Shiksha free of cost, computer education cannot take off.


  • Monika


    Monica from Sankalp school speaks about learning computers at school - Computer Shiksha

  • Komal


    Komal from Govt Secondary School Chakkarpur speaks about learning computers.

  • Principal Saroj


    Computer Shiksha makes Govt Middle School in Sector 14 popular.

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