One class has 30 laptops

IT infrastructure carried in a vehicle to the school

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If you are passionate about our cause then you are welcome to come and join us. The more the merrier. A couple of things you might want to know. Given all our backgrounds, our NGO runs more like a Corporate than an NGO which means we are all into it as a serious business.

There are deadlines, pressure to deliver and exacting standards of delivery. If after hearing this you are game so are we.

If you are a little doubtful whether you would be able to consistently spare the time there are many other ways you could contribute all of which are equally key to the mission.

You could volunteer, you could donate, and you could evangelize our cause or drop in once in a while and teach for the simple pleasures of seeing a gleam in the eye of a child you would not have seen before.


Needless to mention the model that we are following needs a lot of investment in IT hardware and all of these costs. We have to go for a large number of second hand hardware, refurbish them. The schools that we are in currently are in the middle of a large piece of land surrounded by construction material lying all around it. And temperature in the tin shed go up to 50 degrees in peak summers. Secondly in order to keep the operations as professional as possible we have our own production team for creating Self Learning videos as well as bilingual trainer manuals so that commitment to the initiative can be ensured with certain amount of authority. For all these expenses we need funds on a regular basis. We are looking at a model where people could contribute regularly to the cause and thus stay engaged as well.

You could donate by

Sending us post dated cheques in favour of “Computer Shiksha” at G 576, Florence Homes, Sushant Lok II, Sector 57,Gurgaon 122011, Haryana, India

Setting up an electronic transfer to our bank account. Send us an e-mail and we could send you the details.

A couple of things to remember

In either case please remember to share your PAN details and your address. We will send you a receipt and you could claim IT exemption because we are a Section 80 G certified institution.

If you are not an Indian Citizen or Corporation, please email us at and we will send you the information for FCRA Donations.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of Computer Shiksha. They raise the level of the computer lessons to a different level altogether, raise vital funds and evangelize our cause. Without them, we simply would not be able to deliver our services, which help hundreds of children become computer literate every year.

Anyone can volunteer. It doesn’t matter what your skills, experience or background are, or how much time you have to give. Even if you only have a couple of hours a week to spare, we’ll have something to suit you.

Send us an e-mail and your phone numbers – we will get in touch with you and tell you how you could help. You could choose from.

  • Raise funds
  • Locate and tie-up with schools to enable them to deliver computer edcuation
  • Design course material
  • Manage accounts & other administrative chores
  • Co-ordinate events
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